Granieri e D'Agosta

Granieri e D'Agosta  

Services for institutions

Selection, Management and placement of temporary or permanent nursing staff for institutes

The association Granieri and D'Agosta offers hospitals, clinic, nursing homes and residences for elderly people, substitute (in case of illness, leave, absentee) or supplementary (if occupation of beds in the institute is particularly high) staff, shouldering, if required, the management of the round, being always responsible for the good performance and professionally and humanly correct behavior of the staff.

Institutions can count at any time, and only for the time needed, on well-prepared and competent staff, facing up optimally with their staff fluctuations. 

The term of commencement and termination of an assignment may, of course, be very short, as provided by the Law on Personal Loan (thus offering the institute a lot of flexibility in the assignments); the institute remains free to take on the staff of its own accord, respecting its terms of employment.

The association also has, of course, staff for personal assistance at the institute for private patients who require it.