Granieri e D'Agosta

Granieri e D'Agosta  

                                                        Nursing Care

The quality of human life, all the time in our existence, but above all in every moment of a physical and psychological addiction, is a fundamental good and a building-block of the association.

Welcome to the website of the association Granieri and D'Agosta,

with a lot of passion and enthusiasm we started our own adventure in home and hospital health care, we are committed to build up a place of business that would suit and act for humans;

as support for the recovery at a time of particular psycho-physical  fragility, linked to a disease; as aid against all these kind of small and big ailments that affect us and that restrict our freedom as the years went by.

Our association was born from this passion, unique in quality and variety of services provided; active all over the national territory, with no restriction of time, even on public holidays, when and where needed, without useless and costly bureaucracy.

Just like the realities that it is facing, which are daily needs, which know no pause, which never take days off.

The association is and will become a great reality, with motivated professional employees, ready to walk in the private world of his patient with discretion, ready to help them to remain independent at their own homes, preserving or finding back the quality of life we all aspire to and we are all entitled to own.